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Rank and Cluster of teams by Shot Statistics – EPL 2015-16

Thanks to Michael Caley‘s for sharing the data (http://cartilagefreecaptain.sbnation.com/2014/2/12/5404348/english-premier-league-shot-statistics) which allowed this analysis to take place.  Michael’s Glossary of the stats copied from the same blog has been added at the bottom. I have taken taken the data from the … Continue reading

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Analytics first, sport second

This blog was written to fulfill a promise made to Ravi (@Scribblr_42) in a tweet back in February to explain why I strongly disagreed with a statement by Dean Oliver (@DeanO_Lytics) at the Opta Forum (http://bit.ly/1Uw5DCO) last February, and that … Continue reading

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Bolton-Man City | Key passes and Attempts

Recently I spent some time deciphering the MCFC Analytics advanced dataset.  As you know this comes from Opta in XML format and, for those of us used to analyse data in tabular format, needs ‘translating’.  I won’t explain how I … Continue reading

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A visual analysis of Pass direction data

In this latest post, I show how data that looks rather uninteresting and uninspiring in tabular form  can reveal some interesting insights when  visualised with appropriate graphics. This is my second analysis of the 2011/12 EPL Opta dataset provided by … Continue reading

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