I am a Business Intelligence (BI) professional with a passion for football.  Fifteen years ago I started applying my knowledge and experience to analyse match data.   I was probably among the first to use advanced statistical and visualisation tools to analyse football matches.   Basically I started what today is known as Football analytics.  But I called it Football Intelligence since the aim was to do for football clubs what Business Intelligence had done many companies: help a (football) manager improve the performance of his team (company) and make it more competitive.

Over the years I developed an innovative method of analysing performance in football and named it SoccerLogic (www.soccerlogic.com).  For many  reasons, not least resistance by football managers and their staff to any innovation that may threaten their position and status within the game, SoccerLogic has failed to take off.   So, lately I  found consolation in blogging and tweeting (@soccerlogic), hoping that my football analysis skills will be noticed, and ultimately rewarded.


2 Responses to About

  1. Albrecht Zimmermann says:

    Dear Johan,

    I am writing you because Prof. Jesse Davis of the Catholic University Leuven and I plan to propose a workshop on sports analytics at the European Conference for Machine Learning (ECML) 2013 in Prague and we were wondering whether we could interest you in acting as a reviewer of submissions (and/or submit something yourself).

    You are receiving this message because Prof. Davis’ PhD student Jan van Haren identified you as actively participating in the MCFC Analytics programme.

    We’d also appreciate it if you could point us towards some other researchers that might be interested (or advertise our workshop to them).

    best regards, A Zimmermann

    • soccerlogic says:

      Dear Albrecht,

      I feel very honoured by your invitation, and I would be very glad to act as a reviewer for this conference. However, before I commit myself, I would like to have answers to the following:

      a) I have no experience of reviewing; how much work is involved? Is it just a matter of reading the submissions, and selecting those that I judge to be suitable?
      b) Would I get a free pass to the conference?

      I will try to find other people who may act as reviewer, and will certainly advertise the workshop.

      Best regards,


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