“Taca la bala” says the wizard: a trip into the World Cup 2014

Data Tales

We published this tweet three days ago, before the two semi-finals of the World Cup 2014. Our prediction was correct: against any (brazilian) forecast Brazil was humiliated by Germany, while Argentina defeated Netherlands on penalties after a not exciting match. The final, thus, will be a very classic of football: Germany vs Argentina. How did we figure out the two winning teams? It was not a stroke of luck. It was more properly a “stroke of data”.

In 1970, our parents followed the “match of the century”, Italy-Germany 4-3, on a noisy black-and-white TV, tuned on the unique public channel the Italian government provided at that time. After many technological improvements, in 2006 we switched to LCD full-color screens, and watched the famous Zidane’s  headbutt  in high…

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About soccerlogic

Data analyst/miner of 23 years experience. Pretty sure I was first (1998) to apply Statistical Analysis and Machine Learning to study performance in soccer. I probably invented Soccer Analytics or, as I called it then, Football Intelligence. Haven't stop learning since, and experimenting new analysis that can help teams improve performance.
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