Passing interaction among Man City players

Bolton-Man City (2-3) | EPL 2011-12

Continuing my analysis of the (MCFC Analytics) Bolton-Man City dataset , in this blog I have looked the passing performance (completed passes) of the Man City players.  My objective is to show how graphic analysis offers a useful tool for analysing passing interaction among players. This because, in addition to stats, we can show the positions of the players and the passes direction.  Of course, one match does not provide particularly useful insights; the analysis is meant as a blueprint of what can be achieved when many matches is available.

The images that follow show the centroid position (avg. of all passing positions) of a player, with the count (n) of his (completed) passes to his team mates.  The centroid position of the receiving players  is shown with a dot size proportional to the number of passes received .

These images are followed by a summary chart of all passes made and received.

.Central defenders

Komp, Lesc avg

Backs – Wing backs

Rich, Kol

Holding midfield

Toure', Barry avg
Attacking midfield

Milner, Silva


Dzeko, Aguero avg



This final chart shows the passes made and received by each player.  The size of the dots is relative to the number of passes.

Player to Player Passing to

When showing the summary results of a few matches, these images provide a coach with a useful overview of the position, passing direction and intensity of each individual player of a team,  his own or, for scouting purposes, a rival one.  A statistical and video analysis could follow to obtain a deeper insigth on this important aspect of the game.


About soccerlogic

Data analyst/miner of 23 years experience. Pretty sure I was first (1998) to apply Statistical Analysis and Machine Learning to study performance in soccer. I probably invented Soccer Analytics or, as I called it then, Football Intelligence. Haven't stop learning since, and experimenting new analysis that can help teams improve performance.
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